Saturday, 25 August 2012

Happy Campers

I've gotta say...the idea of a camping trip sends me to a place I have spent years avoiding but when my lovely OH suggested the idea a few months ago I have been slowly coming round to the idea so that on Tuesday when the words, "Shall we go camping tomorrow night then?" came out of my City Living mouth, they surprised me just as much as they surprised him.

And that was it. I was commited to a night in a field.

We booked in at a place in Ashbourne in Derbyshire (no, i'm not ready to just pitch up on the side of a hill somewhere...)

I had to call in at my mum's on the way which saw a torrent of abuse about the pink Converse All Stars and denim shorts I was wearing. "Lucy! Where are your wellies??" Well mum, as you know, I have not owned a pair of wellies since I was 8 years old. The connies will be just fine!

My OH turns up looking like Bear Grylls. Oh my god, poor him, how has he ended up with me, he must have thought he was in for a night of moaning, and I say that in a totally unsexy sense.

We arrived and I dutifully watched him pitch our tent. I did offer to help but, of course, he did the gentlemanly thing.

The night was a success anyway, the sky was beautiful, absolutely full of stars and despite the fact the OH slept like a baby even managing to look more comfortable than when we are at home, I was just pleased to make it through the night without having to wake him up because I was scared a bear was coming to the tent door...

The Connies did me Proud...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Workwear #currentbainofmylife

As if it isn't difficult enough for me to dress like an office bod now, I am also battling with this nightmare weather. I set off to work, black skinnys, black and white spotted blouse, it’s all going fine.


Dilemma strikes.

Which shoes? I’m terrible with shoes, I must have been denied the gene which makes girls salivate at the copious amounts of shoes they own, just so not bothered. So I glance down at my- I must say fairly proportioned size 7’s- (I am 5ft11 afterall so thats not too clown like...) and think about what coverings they need. It’s torrential rain outside, as in that really wet rain! It’s safe to say I have a poor collection for any type of weather let alone this freak storm. In the end, I hedge a bet that it might, just might be sunny later on and opt for my lime green sandals with gold studs, maybe a little inappropriate for work and what would Health and Safety say if I stubbed my toe but hey, i’ll take the risk. As I look out the office window now, I can’t help but feel smug as I see the blue sky and realise that the lime sandals were a wise choice.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

ASOS Fashion Finder

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Lazy Sunday

Me and my BH had a stroll into town this morning, latte and muffin from Starbucks (s'ok though, both of the skinny variety...) Had some really great customer service there actually, see my previous post, I am a BIG stickler for good service. I tweeted @StarbucksUK to show my appreciation.

I like Sunday to be a dress down day, I donned my fave skinnys and Havaianas. Nothing special, safe to say I am not one who nips to Tesco in their PJ bottoms, now that's just a little too dressed down. My BH bought some new clothes, a big achievement in his eyes seen as he replenishes the wardrobe when he really really has to. Some nice slim leg GAP jeans, converse #myfaveshoesforboys and some checked shirts from Primark, he manages to make the Primarni bargains look so good. Jealous. Why is it so much easier for boys to look good?! Hmmpfhh.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Lucy, You're on Clear Rail...

The six words any retail assistant dreads.

I spent 5 years working for a big brand, I won't name names, oh ok then it was Topshop. I absolutely loved my time there but honestly still to this day have never dreaded a task at work so much as "clear rail" or even...tidying sale! Hours of my woefully cheap labour was spent hanging clothes back up after customers had tried them on, helpfully returning them to the hangers inside out and upside down, sometimes in more complicated ways than just hanging them back up normally. Sometimes hangers and clothes were plonked totally independent of each other into my waiting, open arms.

Then there were the angelic customers, "No love, i'll just go and hang it back up where I got it from." Say no more. They should have 'lovely customer' discount.

The tidying of Sale often resulted in the final hour or so of my shift and the hour after the shop shut (I think this period of "peace" was called Recovery but I can't quite remember...) traipsing over the mounds of clothes on the floor in the Sale area attempting to hang them back up in the right size or price specific sections of the rails. I'm sure on one occasion I found a missing member of staff under the piles of unwanted, out of season bargains.

Got to say though, working there made me who I am today, I still look back on those days fondly... I just loved going to work. It has made me a customer service freak though, sure there will be more to follow on this as it's one of my pet hates if I get bad service.

Back in my TS Days 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

If you go down to the woods...

I suppose I am biased but my sister was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and it's fair to say I will be waiting for the memories to fade a bit before I head down the aisle myself, I do not wish to compete!! 

Her vintage lace, key hole back dress was from The Tailors Cat in Cambridge. Fitted, delicate, feminine and to say my sister isn't a "long dress girl" she looked stunning. Ethereal flower head dress was flown over from the USA after she bought it from - heavenly & celestial. 

The bridesmaids wore Vero Moda nude dresses from House of Fraser, a style that suited all 5 girls, something often forgotten for the bridesmaids, hello! not everyone is going to look gorgeous in that skin tight body con dress you have in mind. Unless, of course, you are Bridezilla and your plan is actually to make your bridesmaids look bad so that you have the ultimate attention!? Tactical.

Hair by Sam at Capelli Sheffield, all about the fishtail plaits and natural messy waves. My sister's eyelashes looked amazing and were done by the lovely @harrietjardine at a great price.

Photography by Mark Tierney. See his blog/follow him on Twitter! I love the natural shots that really represent how the day was.

Not forgetting the Tipi Tents from Papakata, the guests absolutely loved the atmosphere of a reception in the woods, tied up the natural and pretty theme nicely...