Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I Love a List...

I'm looking for a cute fitted denim shirt that's a bit darker than the one in my picture. So far I can only find ones with ludicrous spikes or studs all over them. I need to keep it simples if anyone has any ideas?

It's my birthday in a few weeks so I'm starting my usual list of things I've seen that I'm loving. My boyfriend thinks I've got OCD when it comes to lists but I love them- there's a list for every occasion and there's nothing better than when you can tick something off! Maybe he's just worried about my birthday requests ;-) but I'm a difficult girl to buy for, he should appreciate my list assistance!

Today I've got on:

☮ Ultra comfy Primark light denim button up shirt

☮ Topshop Baxter fit Skinnys

☮ My fave nude Bow Heels (Primark again!!)

Ooh look I just did another list... it seems I just can't help it! xx

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