Monday, 17 September 2012

The Leaves Will be Departing the Trees Soon...

I came back from sunny Portugal last week, having missed the one super hot week in the UK. Typical. As much as I love the sunshine, there is a little part of me secretly inside that loves the idea of A/W being upon us. Wrapping up all cosy, lots of new trends- generally an excellent excuse for new clothes!

My first nod to the cooler season was last Monday when I went from blonde to brunette. I have been blonde, with the assistance of my amazing hairdresser, since I was 14. I had a brunette stint last year so I thought I would take the plunge again. It really is more cost effective as well, getting your roots done every 5 weeks was killing the bank account and I need a new winter coat. Priorities.

I have been on night shifts all week so I have used quieter moments to look at some new clothes for the next few months. A lot of studs and leather knocking about and some cute graphic tees. After all the colour splashes of Spring/Summer, everyone is feeling a bit grungey which I love.

So my next plan is to find the perfect winter coat, I am fancying a fur lined parka and there is a nice camo one in Topshop which I have spied. I am also after the perfect pair of leggings having decided that my Primark ones are just rubbish now. Any offerings most welcome!

Oh and when do you really know when the winter months are here? When Starbucks get their red cups- I get so excited. Yes. I am a loser.


The New 'do...

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