Saturday, 25 August 2012

Happy Campers

I've gotta say...the idea of a camping trip sends me to a place I have spent years avoiding but when my lovely OH suggested the idea a few months ago I have been slowly coming round to the idea so that on Tuesday when the words, "Shall we go camping tomorrow night then?" came out of my City Living mouth, they surprised me just as much as they surprised him.

And that was it. I was commited to a night in a field.

We booked in at a place in Ashbourne in Derbyshire (no, i'm not ready to just pitch up on the side of a hill somewhere...)

I had to call in at my mum's on the way which saw a torrent of abuse about the pink Converse All Stars and denim shorts I was wearing. "Lucy! Where are your wellies??" Well mum, as you know, I have not owned a pair of wellies since I was 8 years old. The connies will be just fine!

My OH turns up looking like Bear Grylls. Oh my god, poor him, how has he ended up with me, he must have thought he was in for a night of moaning, and I say that in a totally unsexy sense.

We arrived and I dutifully watched him pitch our tent. I did offer to help but, of course, he did the gentlemanly thing.

The night was a success anyway, the sky was beautiful, absolutely full of stars and despite the fact the OH slept like a baby even managing to look more comfortable than when we are at home, I was just pleased to make it through the night without having to wake him up because I was scared a bear was coming to the tent door...

The Connies did me Proud...