Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Workwear #currentbainofmylife

As if it isn't difficult enough for me to dress like an office bod now, I am also battling with this nightmare weather. I set off to work, black skinnys, black and white spotted blouse, it’s all going fine.


Dilemma strikes.

Which shoes? I’m terrible with shoes, I must have been denied the gene which makes girls salivate at the copious amounts of shoes they own, just so not bothered. So I glance down at my- I must say fairly proportioned size 7’s- (I am 5ft11 afterall so thats not too clown like...) and think about what coverings they need. It’s torrential rain outside, as in that really wet rain! It’s safe to say I have a poor collection for any type of weather let alone this freak storm. In the end, I hedge a bet that it might, just might be sunny later on and opt for my lime green sandals with gold studs, maybe a little inappropriate for work and what would Health and Safety say if I stubbed my toe but hey, i’ll take the risk. As I look out the office window now, I can’t help but feel smug as I see the blue sky and realise that the lime sandals were a wise choice.

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  1. The weather defo makes it worse! So pleased we're in for a hot spell!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo