Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lazy Sunday

Me and my BH had a stroll into town this morning, latte and muffin from Starbucks (s'ok though, both of the skinny variety...) Had some really great customer service there actually, see my previous post, I am a BIG stickler for good service. I tweeted @StarbucksUK to show my appreciation.

I like Sunday to be a dress down day, I donned my fave skinnys and Havaianas. Nothing special, safe to say I am not one who nips to Tesco in their PJ bottoms, now that's just a little too dressed down. My BH bought some new clothes, a big achievement in his eyes seen as he replenishes the wardrobe when he really really has to. Some nice slim leg GAP jeans, converse #myfaveshoesforboys and some checked shirts from Primark, he manages to make the Primarni bargains look so good. Jealous. Why is it so much easier for boys to look good?! Hmmpfhh.

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