Friday, 3 August 2012

Lucy, You're on Clear Rail...

The six words any retail assistant dreads.

I spent 5 years working for a big brand, I won't name names, oh ok then it was Topshop. I absolutely loved my time there but honestly still to this day have never dreaded a task at work so much as "clear rail" or even...tidying sale! Hours of my woefully cheap labour was spent hanging clothes back up after customers had tried them on, helpfully returning them to the hangers inside out and upside down, sometimes in more complicated ways than just hanging them back up normally. Sometimes hangers and clothes were plonked totally independent of each other into my waiting, open arms.

Then there were the angelic customers, "No love, i'll just go and hang it back up where I got it from." Say no more. They should have 'lovely customer' discount.

The tidying of Sale often resulted in the final hour or so of my shift and the hour after the shop shut (I think this period of "peace" was called Recovery but I can't quite remember...) traipsing over the mounds of clothes on the floor in the Sale area attempting to hang them back up in the right size or price specific sections of the rails. I'm sure on one occasion I found a missing member of staff under the piles of unwanted, out of season bargains.

Got to say though, working there made me who I am today, I still look back on those days fondly... I just loved going to work. It has made me a customer service freak though, sure there will be more to follow on this as it's one of my pet hates if I get bad service.

Back in my TS Days 

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